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Girl, jacket, mud room, bench, lamp, shorts, legs, tools, shoes
Dog, foot, feathers, forest, side, grass, fur, toe, tree
Room, lady, photograph, vacume, paintig, dresser, mirror, magazine, bag, bed
Closet, shirt, pants, painting, laundry,
Painting, house, hand, leaning, sirt, plants, fruit, blue sky
Ice, yellow, pink, shoes, hair, rock, fabric
Men, sitting, food, liquids, foot, rocks, woods, nature, plants, hand, bag, red, pink, green
Dog, barn, yellow, flowers, tarp, blue sky, tree, grass, fence
Rocks, water, fabric, bard, tree, men, swimming, shoes, chiquita
Sitting, mat, computer, clock, painting, flowers, blue, yellow, chair, window
Swimming, water, nature, rocks, shorts, laying, men, summer, outside, sun
Spray, pants, ladder, knee, sun, ladder, bucket, corn, shorts
Woods, men, swimming, sun, laying, towel, tree, moss

All images copyright Vanessa Kotovich

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